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Console Corner seeks to expand and rebrand for 2019!

All throughout 2018, Console Corner was seen making waves and it couldn’t have been done without an exceptional community built around it. Any achievement, accolade, or innovative step would have never been a success without every one of you – for this, all of us at Console Corner sincerely thank you. We’re inspired by what joining our voices together has accomplished, let’s list the quick year in review – Our community has: earned their right to be represented extensively on the desk at HRX (Nov, 2018); developed comprehensive statistics for the Paladins Console League; and celebrated a multitude of players by birthing the PCL Awards. Console Corner also managed to crest over 100 subs on Twitch, we have heard your support!

Moving forward into 2019, founder RealBluTV aspires to give back even more to the community! As such, Console Corner will be shifting gears, branching out into a variety of different industries with the goal of bringing even more content to you. Sky is the limit here – as we intend to cover a lot of ground beginning with (but not limited to): eSports business & branding; educational content to improve gameplay; as well as stretching out to diverse topics like travel, fitness, and music. Since it’s dangerous to go alone, we’ve found a true hero to rise to the occasion – recruiting Garcia as our Curator of Content. Fear not eSports faithful, because we will continue to pursue the console scene vigorously with a brand-new division dedicated to the console scene.

Console Corner is very proud to announce, Console Pro News – a division conceived purely to pursue even the finest details of professional console gameplay. Whether it be tracking statistics intimately, or engaging the community with in depth awards, you can expect each tradition to carry on and be refined as time moves forward. You might have noticed we haven’t mentioned Paladins only, and that is because by popular demand, Console Pro News will be bringing coverage of SMITE as well! While new ambitions provide new challenges, we’re happy to bring aboard KittenOfDoom as Lead SMITE analyst as we rise up – with hopes to tackle the Gods.

Regardless which content we resolve on first, quality is assured as each clip will be masterfully stitched together by our Lead Video Designer – Jfroloontard. Joining him behind the scenes as our wizard of words, Senior Writer Leo Tsukiyo. We’re also excited to announce the launch of our brand new website – ConsoleCorner . Co, which will be home base for all Console Corner/Console Pro News activities.

With the strength of our ambitions, the power of community support, and an all-star team working to hit the mark – Console Corner is proud to be able to give back more to the scene in 2019. Once again, we sincerely thank you for all your support! Let’s get this bread :^)

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