May 3, 2019

Console Corner

Dear Console Corner Supporters,

2019 has been a wonderful year for Console Paladins and Console Corner and I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. I started Console Corner for so many reasons, and feel we have been a part of the greatest successes to come from the Console Paladins Scene both casually and competitively. With the most recent news of the Mid-Season Invitational being Crossplay only and in addition to fewer LANs in 2019 the future looks bleak to most, however, for us we remain optimistic and hopeful for the future of Paladins Esports. This, of course, will not change our methods, our Console coverage, or make us less determined to continue to push for growth. The Console Paladins Scene was our first community and will forever be important to all of us within the Console Corner Platform. I take this time now to share with you changes and the new paths we will be taking starting after the MSI event.

   Paladins Console League coverage will continue to be our main focus and at the forefront of our Platform. We will continue to push forward and create new content for the Smite Console League as well behind the ever growing “Jfro”, our Lead Smite Analyst. As for the changes coming in the future for our Paladins Department, we will be beginning our coverage of PC, both Paladins Minor League as well as Paladins Premier League. For months I have been thinking of this, both the good and bad that could come from it. Most people may say “Console” Corner is against it, and as I understand what you mean, I have to respectfully disagree. Starting Console Corner, yes Console was our motivation, but the Platform was meant for more in my eyes. Pushing boundaries and creating a Culture of Esports News, Coverage, and stability was the main focus. The best example I can give is when OB64 came no one liked it, both PC and Console. The two platforms joined together and overcame their differences to push for the Game’s safety. Whether you play PC or Console, you all play the same game, share the same enthusiasm, and a certain love for Paladins.

    After MSI we will begin coverage for both the PML and PPL. Our site, for the most part, will still be heavily dominated by PCL, as well as Stats only being from PCL. Whether a different Live show will separate PC and Console is still being decided on and when a decision has been made you all will be made very clear of it. To me, PC is missing something along these lines. The Skillshot Talent crew does an amazing job and us at Console Corner love and fully support each one of them and their hard work. Starting Console Corner was heavily influenced in part by IHOLDSHIFT and his past coverage of the PC Paladins Scene. He’s no longer here, and it’s time we fill the void the same when we did it for Console Paladins. The coverage will, of course, start small. Youtube Videos, Weekly Reviews, Breakdowns, and Power Rankings are currently the only content on the agenda but this could change at any time.

    Now, for some honesty from myself. Many of you already know I have been doing this out of pure dedication to the Game and Scene, but at the same time in the back of my mind, I need to secure my future, thus building my Resume and pushing for an Esports Broadcasting career.At the same time building the Console Corner Platform and helping the current Team grow themselves personally and professionally as well. Working for Skillshot was and still is a goal of mines. Console is a small scene, I feel we have helped it grow and will continue to push for more. Adding PC to Console Corner was both a personal and business decision. Bringing PC into our Platform will help both the scene and myself, yes, and it creates a better environment for us all. Bringing the two scenes together is a must, growing the scene as a whole is a must, and with Crossplay our scene is able to grow as one collective. Console Corner was meant to be the “poor man’s” ESPN of Esports, and we continue to push for this. More Titles will be added over time, as well as the growth of the Titles we already cover. This is a decision I have thought long and hard about, and even spoke to peers about, as well as gathering outside advice from key Role Models of mine. As much as I want Console to be the only Platform, it just isn’t realistic and I hope everyone can understand that.

    MSI has upset dozens of Console Players, and I fully understand why. Being told they aren’t considered a League was another big blow to them and again, I understand why. If we only look at the negative then we’ll never be able to grow. Focus on the positive and help one another. I love all of the Players both PC and Console. I will not roll over, I will not let Paladins die without a fight, and I certainly will not allow Console Corner to go down. Imagine tuning into Mixer for a Skillshot Esports show in the morning covering Paladins, Smite, CS:GO, Brawlstars, and Halo with your Host Blu, that is the goal, the dream, and what could take Esports of any Tier to the next level. Until then, we continue our path of growth and unity. Thank you.



Luka “Blu” Parente

Head of Platform