PCL Week 1 Qualifiers Recap

As everyone in the competitive Paladins Console community is aware, PCL Qualifiers kicked off this last weekend on February 2nd & 3rd, for EU & NA respectively. Many teams signed up across both platforms and regions but only the top 2 from each bracket solidified their spot, advancing onto the fourth week of qualification. PCL hopefuls still have 2 weeks to potentially enter the coveted fourth, so let’s review the results! But before we do, let’s clarify exactly how the PCL Qualifiers work.

  • PCL qualifiers take place over the course of 4 weeks (February 2nd/3rd was Week 1)
  • The top 2 teams from Week 1 & Week 2 will advance to the fourth week
  • The top 4 teams from Week 3 will also advance to the fourth week
  • These 8 qualifying teams will be separated into 2 groups of four, where a single round robin will occur (so all teams play each other once)
  • The top 2 teams from each group, totalling 4, advance to the Paladins Console League!

For those worrisome few who feared they missed their opportunity, you still have ample chance to advance into week four. However, here’s a list of who already awaits you when you get there.

North America

Starting off with my side of the Atlantic, we had Invictus (Neil & Co) alongside Blueberry Muffins (Ballin & friends) qualify for Ps4 NA. Both teams were trailblazers, not dropping a single map all the way up until the finals where Invictus swept Blueberry Muffins in a clean 3-0 to finish the set. Space Jam (Firery & Squad) dominated Oculus in the bronze match to round out the top 3, however, 3rd place in week one does not advance to the fourth week. In addition to this, two powerhouses did not contend this first week, them being: OG Comedy’s newest Baldy Bunch line up, as well as Skeppi’s Transfer Gang. For those counting, that leaves 3 fierce sharks lurking in the depths of the Ps4 NA talent pool.

Meanwhile, on Xbox, we witnessed Elevate claim 1st seed, forcing Bushwahkhan Esports to settle for second in the finals. Much like Ps4’s results, both teams managed to go without dropping a single map until their fated clash, where Elevate established their 3-0 dominance. Bushwahkhan Esports have little to be disappointed with a second place finish, as defeating the HRX Champions is a tall order for almost any team. This reprieve grants them 2 full weeks of practice and separates them into group B for the fourth week meaning they can take their shot at Elevate if both teams qualify for the PCL itself.


For Ps4 EU, none would be surprised to know Flashpoint advance to the fourth week. However, nobody anticipated Itech would reverse sweep the kings of EU seeding them second. Both squads seized victory over each opponent on every map, until Flashpoint stole two maps and Itech matched only to raise them a third. This was the only finals to go the full distance in a best of five set, showing Ps4 EU has come prepared. The only caveat in Itech’s victory is Flashpoint utilizing a sub for the last three games. Was a sub truly what weighed down Flashpoint or are Itech the comeback kings? If both teams qualify for the PCL after week 4, they’ll have a whole season to prove it.

Over on the Box, the same script echoed through the brackets, where Gagan Style & Keep It Console scaled the brackets smoothly until they clashed. Our week 1 qualifier saw the return of Hxrvi, who departed from Flashpoint & Ps4 to return to Xbox EU joining the ranks of Gagan Style. Also on that team, Kingz who decided to go absolutely wild in the finals against former teammates to relegate Keep it Console to seed 2 moving into the fourth week. We also saw a lively performance coming out of French Agency in the bronze match with a decisive 2-0 victory over Turkish Delight.

What Lies Ahead

With many strong teams silently watching from the back lines after securing their week four standing, many powerful contenders still remain. However, newcomers and rookie teams should be far from discouraged. Every game you play will work to your advantage as you gain valuable experience. We over at Console Corner wish all competitors the best of luck.


This article was written by @Leotsukiyo, an Esports Content Writer for Console Corner.