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Elevate is your number one seed heading into Groups for Xbox NA. This has scared a lot of the other teams away it seems. Most teams thinking PS4 NA is an easier route to LAN have left for that console and region. However, this has left Xbox NA completely open for anyone to take the second spot behind Elevate. It seems Bushwahkhan Esports has capitalized on this, and that is who we will be breaking down today in our video. The Roster almost didn’t work out as only a week before Qualifiers began they were still short a player, but it seems they were able to find someone.


Yokosume leads the new BE squad this season and is an overall talented player himself. iCoyn is his right-hand man, now I mention both of them at the same time because they both suffer from the same problems. Both are really talented and have no ceiling when it comes to improvement, however, they seem to lack the game sense when it comes to Pro Play. Meaning they make very bad choices for no real reason. They both have great aim, but still play like it’s a ranked game, causing them to die for no reason. They need to work on this, whether it is internally or they seek outside help from a coach figure or another team. This seems to be their only and biggest problem at this point and if able to adjust and change that then they can ultimately lead their team to more victories like they already have early on in the qualifiers. Both will be playing DPS for the squad and if they don’t figure out how to correct their problem, it could eventually become a very very big problem.


When it comes to DPS, a name not shy of big plays is Bishop. He played last season with Curse These Hands who then became Team Cryptik. A short retirement apparently wasn’t very satisfying as he quickly decided to come back and join a young talented roster in Bushwahkhan. Bishop is a great player on champions like Viktor and Talus. Has great aim, and can make big plays and plays on the highest sensitivity, basically, the kid is actually cracked out it’s insane. However, over the course of the 2018 season, we at Console Corner started to notice a trend, he has little to no game sense. This would be a problem except now he is playing the Off-Tank role, where compared to DPS has more room for error. He makes up for this with his incredible mechanics and if he can sit down and start to study some game sense then he can become even nastier than he already is.


Proudmoth is the main tank, and with Bishop beside him, they are basically the Hard Carries for this team at the moment. The only difference between the two is that unlike Bishop, Moth isn’t flashy, doesn’t pop off in the stats department but is exactly what any team needs. A consistent player making the plays necessary even if it was super small or never on screen. It’s play’s like those that only an analyst or the highest tier of players can come to appreciate when they happen. It could be a simple body block to save a teammate, or counting enemy cooldowns for a proper shielding rotation. Those are what make Moth stand out from other main tanks at his level. Keep that up and he will be among the best when it comes to Frontline play, making him a ProudMoth.


Last but not least we have the support player, Zophic. This guy is average. No disrespect to him either, that’s a compliment considering he is new to Paladins. He landed a starting role on a team now in a great spot after only one week of play. He does well but will need to keep grinding and learning the ins and outs of Console Paladins at the current level. He can safely say he earned his spot if and when they can prove that Bushwahkhan makes waves granted they make the League. Positioning, champ depth, and game sense. Work on those the most. Skill, mechanics, and anything else comes naturally and at a fast pace if you practice the others properly.


Newer Support Player, Two Beefy Tanks, one looking for highlights and the other trying to create space all with two young damages behind them seems like a solid starting foundation to a team who barely missed making PCL in 2018. They still have a lot to prove to myself and many others so I’m hitting them with the Tier 2 rating right now, and if they keep working as hard as they are now, that could very well be changing sooner than later.


What do you think of the 2019 Bushwahkhan Esports Roster? Do you think they are the second-best team behind Elevate or will they actually give them trouble for first place? What team should we breakdown in our next video? Let me know in the comments below and follow myself on twitter @realblutv


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