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The French get a ton of slack in console paladins. Angry throws and the entire French communities only decent players are the ones we see play in PCL or pcs mostly. I try my hardest not to believe this but all anyone has been saying for a while. However, there’s a new squad trying to prove this wrong. The Xbox EU team known as the French Agency is looking to show the world that they are better than decent. Finishing third in week 1 qualifier’s was the first step. Taking a demanding 3-0 victory over Team Viral to be named the third seed going into groups after Week 2 qualifiers were the next big step in their mission. This roster intrigues me, for many reasons.


Starting off they have xNyjuw coming back this season, who had a decent PCL season in 2018. He played for OTP who was one of the 3 teams league-wide to never find a victory. To be fair the team was plagued with roster problems and even made a huge mid-season overhaul and didn’t really find chemistry until it was all too late. Nyjuw was a frontline player for a long time but has been dipping his hat into the flex role as of recently, and it hasn’t been the best either. His stats were almost nowhere near other flex players of his calibre and made him drop in the top 100 players to #67. I think he is a better tank player and can hang with the big guns if he sticks to it. He either needs to stick to tank to continue success into 2019 or severely work on his ability to flex to other roles such as damages and flanks or he could be in for another disappointing season.


Joining xNyjuw once more is NinjaXhen, who like Alex Kidd from PS4 EU left his team after week one of the PCL Season. I didn’t like this choice, it affected the team at a huge level and left the team in a bad state roster-wise, they were able to bring in Westside who as talented as he is, doesn’t compare to NinjaXhen. Now, however, he is back, and the best part? He has paired with Nyjuw again, these two when together on frontlines are scary good. Even Nark back in the day use to tell me, they are giants when playing together. I rated them the best tank duo back during the summer of 2018 and for good cause. Nyjuw and Ninja were on track to be a dominant core to a young team but it all fell apart way too early on in their PCL careers. Now OTP is gone and the French Agency has been established, we finally get the Core Frontline Duo to build around and it’ll be exciting to see how they lead together once again.


Lz Legendz had a tough time in 2018. His team tried to tell him he had to work on his positioning but has hard headed as he was he never believed them, he was “fragging” in his mind. Well, after weekly stats and leaderboards were released he quickly learned for himself, the proof was in the pudding. He led the league in deaths overall with a tremendous 142. To put that into perspective, the player in second place, Kultura Scred, only had 108. Legendz realized he had to do something, so towards the end of the season he started to play safer, and you could tell at times he was scared to engage and never wanted to force situations as much as he once never hesitated about. Well, he has returned, and he’s playing support now. Now after what I just told you this is probably making you laugh or wonder what in the world the team is thinking. A guy who literally dies on cooldown is your support player, the person who is not suppose to die at all? After playing two weeks of qualifiers my speculation was completely deleted. This guy actually can play support, and pretty freaking well at that! If he continues this trend and listens to his team when they try to help his game then he should be just fine. He was #94 in the top 100 last season, stay alive, and heal the french tank duo and that number should go up fairly quickly without a doubt.


Valariian will be playing DPS this season for the Frenchies. Someone who has been posting Free Agent Tweets for a while has finally found a home, one he would like to stay with that is. Someone who has remained committed to the scene after many failures, minor success, and as a spectator when not making a PCL Roster is amazing to see. Playing the hitscans he should finally get the chance to prove he waited for a reason. Gives me the Joel Embiid vibes. Are we going to hear the “Trust the Process” chants if he starts to pop off and frag out in the PCL if they end up making the league? Who knows, they’re one step closer after making groups. Keep the same mentality and keep trying to improve like he has been during his time out of the scene and he just might be the next breakout player in 2019.


Next is Boz Arthur, who I honestly do not know much about. I’ve heard mixed reviews, no game sense, decent blaster player, can flex to damage supports and other nonsense. Nothing is going to persuade me, either way, good or bad until I see it for myself. Same boat as Valariian, old-time players, rookies if making the PCL and looking to prove why the French are angry but hungry at the same time. As long as Boz stays committed and learns the in and outs of Paladins at a high level such as this he should be in a good place with players like Nyjuw and Ninja to guide him.


Wee, Wee, We came to play, that’s what the French are looking to prove. A statement has been made, taking third seed going into groups with a 3-0 win over a former PCL Team in Viral, and now an off week to regroup and grind is a good seat to be in. Next goal is making the actual league, then and only then will they be on a mission, to solidify the French as better than said. Tier 2 for the boys so far, only because they have young and untested talent, but their skill has put them ahead of some competition early on in the field.


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