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Your number one seed heading into Group Stages for PS4 North America, is finally, once again a Native PS4 Team. They do, however, have one Xbox transfer and we will get to that later on in the video. PS4 NA was for a while considered a “Free LAN” and the weakest of the four divisions. Well, Five LAN’s, almost two years, and a couple egos later and they’re half decent at the game now. Onii-Chaners last season gave Elevate a tough time with the help of a player who moved from Europe to play with them. This time they have brought an Xbox Player over to assist them in reclaiming victory in their territory. Invictus is looking to prove they are no longer a team full of egotistical loudmouths. I say this because, to be honest everyone on this team has been in some sort of stupid unneeded controversy at some point in the past. Looking back, I hope they realized the real way to prove anything is through their play and not through their words. It seems they have and will be looking to let their actions portray their feelings from now on. After saying that some people probably shut this video off but as I have said in the past, observation is key, #NoFilterBlu all 2019 baby!


Let’s start with Sorrow, or who the non-gaming literate people refer to as “So-12-Rove”. This guy is a long time Player. He was on the Invigorate squad that showed up to Dreamhack Valencia, the first Console Paladins LAN. He is a very talented player and an aggressive frontline looking for high-risk high reward plays constantly. His biggest fault? It has to be the fact that he has two heads. What I mean is that he is two different people at the same time. One moment he is this big headed ego god running around online slapping people with his witty sarcastic slander and the next he is a perfect game sense genius coaching Elevate to a Summer LAN Finals appearance. If he can tap into that Coaching minded God he is then the team will greatly improve and never miss a heartbeat, but if he lets his ugly side come out then he could lose focus, or worse get into trouble as we have started to see more and more players fall into recently. One thing about his play is he was a Player in 2018 for WarmUp, quit after week one and still impressed the committee enough to gather 8% of the votes for Sub of the Year, the other 92% went to Yiuii who ended up winning the Award. So keep that version of Sorrow and Invictus could be on a plane ride to Atlanta soon.


The Scat Man, aka the Cat Man, aka BommyBett aka bet your life savings on TommyJett is back in a more comfortable role this season. In 2018 we watched Tommy play Frontline for five weeks and only got to see the Strix god in Week 6 when they had a player get slapped with the Skillshot Ban Hammer. Tommy played an amazing frontline, however, 18th overall in Kills, 2.62 KDA earning him 17th in the League all leading to him being #22 in the Top 100 Players Rankings. Everyone for a while now has been aware of his dominant DPS play, and now being the Flex for his team can finally show us those insane mechanics once more. Runaways, Onii-Chaners, and now Invictus, Tommy is looking poised to attempt a LAN qualifying run once more, can he finally board a plane?


WhereDaGuap boy?! Yeah, the bearded support also known as Neil is back and again attempting to prove he didn’t make two LAN’s for no reason. He subbed for Jordqqn on Onslaught back during Spring Masters and was Main Roster for the Summer Elevate hit squad. For Onii-Chaners in 2018’s PCL, he was a top support as well. 7th in Assists, 10th in KDA with a 2.90, 12th in overall Healing due to short games which also led him to be 12th in the league for total Objective time as a Support since his team was clapping cheeks on the Zoning every game. This granted him #42 on the Top 100 Player Rankings. The man is good, and he is tired of people telling him otherwise. Every time he joins a team I say “he’s on a better team this time” which has been true each time. However, when I say this is the best team he has ever been on, I extremely mean that. Will, he finally make a LAN without someone telling him he was carried there by anything other than an Airplane?


TKOxGhost, or as Casters like to say, T Cocks, is a young player who has done the impossible. I remember meeting him in a random ranked game, arguing with him, getting creamed by his Lex and having to listen to him not shut up about farming me. Then we got into a feud about how in my eyes he isn’t a Top Player until he plays competitively. Well, he played in one PCS and got farmed. His spirits were sort of crushed so he said F this. Then in swoops, a team named WarmUp with a Captain providing the promise of helping him learn the game and build him up. The team made PCL in 2018. They never won a single set. Finished 0-6 with one map win against GameOver. Constantly got spawn trapped by Onii-Chaners and Elevate. Had 10 Players on the Roster by the end of the season who each played a minimum of 2 games. Tko played every single game. Tko played every single Role. Tko kept his mouth shut every single week. Tko was given the chance to draft, was given the chance to create game plans and strategies. Tko did exactly what I told him, shut up, nut up, and don’t give up no matter how bad he gets his face pushed in by the big boys. Through all of this, he died 80 times that season, 22nd most in the league which had 112 unique Players. #63 among the Top Player Rankings obviously is not enough for him, so in 2019 he is looking to improve that. He has been given a chance on a Roster full of stars, and with TommyJett to keep him check he will continue to rise above the ranks as a star player in the Console Paladins Scene. Congrats for making it through tough times, and for proving to people in the position you use to be in that the future is what you make of it. A great DPS Player just paved the way for all those other hopefuls.


Dovokiin is now on the Station. The dominant Flex Player on paper who pretty much only played Tank on Xbox NA for Cryptik in 2018 has swapped Consoles with hopes of making his first LAN trip. This guy is good, very good for someone never given a real shot on a “Top Team” before Cryptik. Ruckus was his go to in 2018 and he happened to be undefeated on it, he literally brought out the big guns every game nonstop. Dovo had a 2.33 KDA making him 22nd in the League, and was 11th in Total Damage with slightly over one million missing out on Top 10 by under 100,000. He also managed to finish tied for iGoodlad for second in Flex Player of the Year in voting. All of this earned him #43 in the Top 100 Player Rankings. Unsure of how he feels playing on the PS4 controller but certain he’ll learn to love it if he continues to win with his new team. Dovo just needs to focus, he at times has a big ego, never making LAN would mean he shouldn’t but this scene is weird and that’s how it is.


I have said the word ego a lot this video and it makes it seem like a bad thing, but having an ego is a healthy part of competing, just don’t let it consume your focused mindset. Everyone in the Console Scene pretty much has some sort of ego, and that can be the rise or downfall for most players. Let the thumbs speak for you, although it has been said many times PS4 Players have no thumbs, so good thing they have an Xbox Player with them this time. This team is your number one seed heading into Group Stages, they have a Stacked Team full of Tremendous Talent and obviously, in my book are getting slapped with the Tier 1 Rating.


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