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Week 1 of the 2019 PCL Qualifiers is now in the books, and Invictus on PS4 North America has secured the number one seed moving into group stages. Falling behind in the tournament to take the number two seed is Blueberry Muffins, which is who we will be talking about in today’s video. The roster breakdown is only delayed after a huge change was made only about 2 weeks ago. It was a huge one as well. The new Blueberry Muffins consist of some young and very old talent. Play wise that is, not the age of course.


First up we have the Captain and leader playing support, Ballinberry. The former PCL Player for Game Over who wasn’t able to find much success in 2018 with only 1 win over the winless WarmUp squad. Ballinberry was one of the consistent players for them, however. He didn’t die as much as you would expect for a team getting rolled by the top teams either. His team just couldn’t step up and play at the same level. He also had some tough games himself leaving him to be #82 in the PCL top 100 for 2018. Ballin has a better team around him by miles now, but will need to prove that he is actually as good as the hype around him has promised. Hopefully, the casters fall in love with his plays as much as they have with his name this season. Only thing I would need him to work on is his positioning, at times he has poor positioning and it causes him to be put in very poor situations but with a team like last years, forcing things was all he could have done.


Next up is the only player from Game Over’s 2018 roster that Ballinberry brought with him, Glxy. This guy went from being a young fragger on his small champ pool of bomb king and drogoz to now a dominant damage player in the ps4 na region. He has become one of the best players to never be accepted on a good team. To me, he is basically the North American version of Kingz. Someone who started playing blasters, moved towards a few hitscans and has made some big plays but isn’t taken seriously just yet. Now Kingz is on what most likely be the top European Xbox team, so is that what is next for glxy? Only time will tell, and hopefully, he can live up to the hype he has only set on himself. Unlike Kingz however, glxy has some flanks in his champ pool now and that’ll be what makes or break this. Will the deeper champ pool hurt his focus or make him a more versatile damage player in a region meme’d to full extent?


Coming from the Xbox PCL Team that gave Onslaught a run for their money last season is KevFalcon. One of the oldest players in Console Paladins to date, and a dominant damage player as well. This season however he will be stepping into the Frontline role, and we have seen glimpses of his tank play. Although it was good it was very few. However, he has been around for a while and has been on Tier 2 to Tier 1 teams his entire career with some very good tank players, so he has the history and has been around players to learn from. Putting him on the Off-Tanks would be the best option at the start so he can still do massive damage and frag similar to his damage roots. After some success on these and the transition to main tanks will be even easier.


Do you know the muffin man? If you don’t know this one, then allow me to introduce you to Dehmuffinman. Once a loud and outspoken tough guy of the once great Invigorate 2.0 roster back in the 2017 console wars day has officially returned. One of the best Lex and Sha Lin players at his prime made a long run with his former team Streets of Drury Lane, but with Objection on his squad then he was forced to play tank along with his damages and eventually stepped away from the game after losing to Blight for the HRX spot at the time. Almost a year later and he is back, playing tanks again, grinding again, and from what I have seen and heard with a better attitude. This time his mouth is shut and he’s letting his play speak for him 100%. I’ll be honest when I played I thought he was a bully, and conceited but after starting console corner and leaving my personal bias in the trash, I have learned a ton, and he has changed in my opinion. If he can keep this all up, I am positive he’ll have a great season.


Speaking of muffin man, his longtime buddy Ralkion is back as well. This was arguably the best support player in the na region at a small point in time. Also, a dominant damage player with flanks such as androxus and a Streets of Drury Lane player who left afterwards just like Muffin is back, with a new attitude and look on things as well. Ralkion will be playing the Flex role for the Blueberry Muffins, and this is good. He can play those supports if needed, but can also be allowed to roam around fragging on his dps champs which is what he has always wanted deep down. This is someone I have wanted to see personally in the PCL since it was created, I know he will be up there in the stat sheets no matter what is happening, and now we are one step closer to seeing this.


This roster will also be bringing a sub into the Realm with them, someone who has been very vocal over his time in Paladins. Romanrulers, who will be playing a damage role. This player in the past has never taken the game seriously, played on a team once in a while or subbed in for others at times. He has always been vocal on social media, twitch, and on the game but never really put the time to grind in and it has shown. However, with his new attitude, he just might be in contention for the sub of the year if the team makes PCL. Roman has a great circle of supporters surrounding him as well from his team to big names like prosperlogic and thelgcy. All he has to do now is keep grinding, work hard, take the game seriously even through failures, and stay out of trouble on the internet and he’ll prove all his doubters completely wrong.


When it comes to the Blueberry Muffins, they look good on paper, but 2 players returning after such a long time of not playing seriously and changing roles, a captain needing to keep the team morale up across the board, an Xbox legend switching to frontline, a fragger looking to prove he can actually hang with the big boys once and for all, and a sub who needs to continue his current mentality is a lot to handle. Second seed into groups is a great start, but they still need to make the PCL in week 4. The roster is amazing but is outweighed by the “What if’s” therefore I’m having to give them the Tier 2 rating. Now prove me wrong muffins.


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