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PS4 EU hasn’t seen many hard-fought battles other than Cyclone trying to give Flashpoint a run for the LAN spot in the past. It isn’t looking any different now that Flashpoint has announced their 2019 Roster. Today is actually the first day of PCL Open Qualifiers for Europe and we hope tons of teams sign up to compete. However, Stormavatar, TheLgcy, iGoodlad, and Prosperlogic are returning, this time with a new 5th after Hxrvi has left for his new Xbox EU Roster. Wrlde will be joining the PS4 EU Gods. As a flex player, and that dominant blaster we all have seen him play as time after time.


TheLgcy is that famous Frontline player most notably known for going from Sub to MVP in a single weekend. Never finishing less than second in a tourney before joining the only team to ever beat him, he was a damage player, came to Flashpoint as a Frontline player and has never looked back. Winning Spring LAN with the boys was when everyone realized that PS4 EU was actually as good as they thought themselves. Winning Frontline player of the year in 2018, 2nd best frontline on the top 100 players at #16 overall, 16th in the league with 101 kills and 13th overall in kda with a 2.73, Lgcy is ready for another stellar season.


Stormavatar a very long time ago was the damage player for Team Cryptik, but ever since he became the quiet guy in the backline healing his team, he has been a better player, in every aspect. This has earned him the 14th spot in the top 100 players list from 2018 and 11th in healing with just over 1.2 million which is very impressive since they 2-0’d every team and only played 12 games, the least amount possible in the previous season. His damage roots have never left him however as he was 3rd in assists with 253. Storm may be a quiet guy and stays away from the social media drama, but he sure isn’t quiet in the realm, and we hope he gets even louder this season to make another championship run.


iGoodlad, the man who created the Vivian meta, publically that is, was a frontline player turned flex. It has suited him well and relieved some pressure off of Prosper after the Swiper controversy and the addition of Lgcy as well. #7 in the 2018 top 100, he finished 2nd behind Kyle Khanrad for Flex player of the year. He even finished the season #1 in the league for kda with a 5.12. This man likes to win, and he frags while doing so, we look forward to seeing him try to outdo his season 1 stats in 2019.


Prosperlogic, the backbone of this squad recently, has become a star in the realm after coming over only a year ago from other titles. Prosper went from being that new kid who can frag at the high level to being in contention for being the worlds best console player with the likes of skeppii. Currently, he is #2 in the top 100 behind the skepster himself. This could change, and we think it might with only making 1 addition to the squad for 2019. Prosper was voted the PCL 2018 MVP, with 85% of the total committee votes, and for good reason. Tied for 2nd in KDA with Kyle Khanrad with a 5.01, was #1 in kills through week 4 until he played Willo for a few games and again 2-0’d everyone. Besides he has to share frags with his own teammate Goodlad. Top 10 in assists, Top 5 in total Damage and was the only player in the league to average over 100,000 damage per game. This man not only wants to win, but he wants to be called the best console paladins player ever, 2019 is his moment to solidify that along with another championship.


Wrlde, the longtime player for Gankstars/Vexed. Has moved to PS4, and joined Flashpoint. Initially they were trying out Slopodopolous, but as that didn’t pan out they moved to Wrlde, who I thought would be the better option from the beginning. They can run Pip again, losing Swiper they gained Hxrvi, but now both of them are gone and Wrlde is a a great Pip. Goodlad can tank if Wrld plays drogoz. Wrld can Bomb King if Propser wants to stick to his dominant hitscans. The point here is this team can literally do anything they want better than ever before. I honestly would hate to be drafting against them in 2019, bc with Wrld, #6 in the top 100, and 4th in the league for kills, you have no idea what crazy frag strat they are capable of.


Golden State, I mean Flashpoint, is primed for another run at a championship, and they aren’t looking for Split Trophies, only the HRX Stage can satisfy them this time. None other than the Tier 1 rating for the EU legends. Not losing a single game last season was tough being only 6 weeks of play, but this time, will be even harder, can they do the impossible?


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