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To some people, PS4 seems to always just end up being Flashpoint on the Podium celebrating yet another victory in the region. Cyclone was the closest thing to a best-case scenario upset for the LAN spot in the 2018 PCL season and as we all know it didn’t end well for them. Cyclone ended the season in second place behind the still Kings Flashpoint. With a 4-2 record, they couldn’t force a game 3 against Flashpoint and almost loss key matches against the third place team BrutalFissure who also fell apart within the season. Iteeeck, a dominant Frontline for BrutalFissure during their Itech days solidified his name among the Top 50 Console Players and took his talents to Cyclone, which was supposed to be one of the biggest power moves in 2018. The move derailed and became one of the biggest busts of the season. He was a great player, but chemistry issues, language barriers among other factors caused the team to go downhill. Cyclone had been deflated to only a thunderstorm by the season’s end. At the season’s conclusion the team decided to part ways, as we know now though the team has come back and made roster adjustments, however, Iteeeck hasn’t found a home on either BrutalFissure, now playing as Itech again or the new Cyclone. One might wonder why so much talk about Iteeeck? Well, it was said early in the offseason that he would be creating a new super team with Centurio from Cyclone and SrBenji from Itech. Reports were coming in by the hour from all different people claiming to have the intel. None of which turned out to be correct. Centurio is still on Cyclone, and SrBenji is still with Itech, who we will be diving deeper into today.


It only seems right to talk about SrBenji first, the once-dominant frontline player with such high praise has seemed to fall off a little bit. Not because of his lack of talent or willingness to put in hard work. He just doesn’t want to play tank as often anymore, he wants to play damage. Accepting the Role of Flex was the best case scenario for him right now and probably is best for the team. He’ll still be able to pull out some damage champs in certain situations which he wants to do but still flex to the frontline role when the team needs him too. Part of the reason is that he probably felt like damages on his team in the past may have not been up to his standards. However, Kultura Scred played hitscans during a tough time in the meta and atomic amk, their blaster was a rookie who lost out to Cyclones Tito for Rookie of the Year after hitting the rookie wall midway through the season. If SrBenji can learn anything from the past its to trust his teammates better and not let small things get to his head, don’t look at the future, just focus alongside your team on the present.


Tarik once again is back as the support player. Regarded as one of the best but has always had a cloud over him when spoken about by other players for accusations on not grinding and instead, playing with e-girls or the fact that he has a toxic mindset. All of this could be true but to me, it is just he say she say stuff that means little to nothing honestly. Tarik if you’re listening just know I think you are a good player and none of this matters to me, however, if it is true then just know, you’re only hurting yourself and your team when you neglect the grinding needed to achieve whatever goals you set. Moving on from this, Tarik had a decent season in 2018 on a team that didn’t perform the way they wanted too. He secured himself as #56 in the top 100 and finished 2nd overall in total healing behind Smutny and 1st overall in healing per game for players with more than 4 games played. Tarik is a good player, and a great support player and once again is alongside a former teammate in SrBenji but has a lot of dark clouds hanging over his head, clear those and keep playing his role as successfully as last season and he should help Itech go further this season.


Atomic Amk, the DPS player will be entering his 2nd season of PCL if they end up qualifying again. The blaster will have a tough time, however, since blasters in most aspects took a hit in the meta. He also has to bounce back from a sluggish 2nd half of the 2018 season which potentially cost him the chance at winning Rookie of the Year. Even still he had great numbers for someone with no former PCS experience since there was no PCL before his rookie season. As long as he stayed grinding and kept his head up after a tough season teamwise and a sluggish finish for himself he should be able to put up big numbers the entire season this time. Watching him on drogoz was something I enjoyed, even some PC players of the highest levels commented on it after I showed them clips at HRX, so that says a lot in itself.


Alex Kidd played week 1 of the 2018 PCL season and then decided to leave the team and game altogether. That was sad to me, despite all the things people said about him and his play, I actually thought he was a talented frontline player. He has good positioning and makes clutch decisions in a heartbeat when I have seen him on stream before. He has the Paladins IQ to get far but his mindset was diminished and in the wrong place. However, I guess he had a change of heart or Tarik and Benji were able to talk him into returning because here he is playing the main tank for Itech once more. If Alex Kidd can accept losses much easier this time and continue to stay in his current mindset then everyone will see how good he actually is, or he could just turn out to be a bust and prove me wrong, but only time will tell, and I hope he gives time to show us rather than leaving after week 1 again.  


Imkeyboardplayer, also known as barcode for a name consisted of the letter I repeating itself to look like a barcode is a young player. Will be considered a rookie if Itech makes the league but has been playing and grinding Paladins Ranked for a while now. He is always among the top in the GM leaderboards as well. There are two huge problems with him in my eyes, however. One is he has a large ego, often calling himself the best console player in paladins, but never has once proved it to anyone. He almost played for the YCTG team from the last PCL in a qualifier week but ended up not after deciding the team wasn’t good enough. Here’s how that ended, YCTG made the league but ended up not winning a single set all season. Meanwhile, keyboardplayer either sat at home and watched as a fan or just continued to grind ranked. The second problem is that he has never been battle-tested on this type of stage before and is often regarded as a highly toxic player. I’m pretty sure he had his barcode account banned a few times but that’s uncertain to me. So if the team starts to head on a losing streak or has a few bad matches and drafts what is going to happen? Will he pack up and leave as he has done before, or will he keep himself in check and put the work in to fight through the hard times with the rest of the squad? Once again, only time will tell. Stay focused, and prove to people why you believe you’re the best console paladins player that no one has ever heard of.


Two players being called toxic, one player potentially going to quit again if things go sour, a returning blaster looking to rebound from a slow second half of a rookie season, and a veteran just wanting to frag out on damage champs these days is tough to handle. Winning will most likely be the only thing to keep this band of misfits together and reverse sweeping Flashpoint in the Week 1 Qualifier is probably the best start to a season anyone could ask for. Number 1 seed going into groups is awesome, but remember you still have to actually play to qualify for the league, so don’t get big egos just yet, if they can get any bigger. This team to me is good talent wise, but morale wise could be a problem. Calling it as I see it, Tier 2 for the boys at Itech!


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