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Head of platform

Jack of all trades & a master of many more. Blu is a charismatic, dedicated dreamer who pursues his ambitions vigorously no matter what adversity comes his way. With a history steeped in eSports & accolades to boot, you’d end up feeling RealBlu if you’re betting against him.


Head of Content

As a seasoned eSports veteran across multiple titles, Garcia has immersed himself in core team competencies that translate immensely into the scene. With dynamic perspectives and a penchant for adaptation, he’s always developing solutions to any dilemma that pops up. His natural curiosity & research combined with his steadfast communication keeps everyone evolving while remaining on the same page.


Senior Content Writer

An impassioned eSports elite, with multiple years dedicated to the Paladins Console scene alongside League of Legends. Equipped with an English BA, paired with experiences as a coach & analyst – Leo Tsukiyo understands how to weave words intricately. Whether it be spinning a narrative or breaking down analytics – this dynamic author rises to any task innovatively.

jfro transparent


Lead Smite Analyst

The embodiment of motivation & good atmosphere, Jfro’s energy & outlook provide not only premiere editing – but a seamless fit into the geyser of good vibes circling Console Corner. His ambitious nature and desire to improve will guarantee quality content – never cutting corners, simply cutting clips.