Console Corner acquires new Talent

Onboarding Statements from CC Family

Jfroloontard – “Having the opportunity to work beside such a talent & enthusiastic group is going to be wonderful. I’ve worked with Blu since the beginning, and seeing people as immersed in the scene as he is – well it’s rather encouraging. I’m eager to work on my edits and become better through repetition. Being exposed to this circuit will create so many opportunities, professional & personal. Working beside the community as well as my peers, is a reward in its own right.”

KittenOfDoom – “I’m very excited to gain the opportunity to work as apart of the Console Corner family. There is currently a huge gap in the SMITE scene that I believe we can help fill! With all our combined experience, I believe we can give players amazing content that the scene has been missing. To have the chance to work beside such a seasoned bunch is exciting, because I enjoy getting more involved with the SMITE community.”

Garcia – “I am grateful to officially join the Console Corner platform. Over the past few years I’ve participated in cooperative games such as Evolve, Battleborn, Overwatch – and as of the last two years – the Paladins console scene. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in those team environments. The process of developing a team on strengths and weaknesses, the opportunity to connect, and the ability to help others – that is what I enjoy the most. Paladins & gaming has provided a space for individuals to connect, and I initially met Blu in a LFT Discord chat. He joined my team then, and I’m happy to have the chance to team with him once again.

Moving forward I will focus on creating value for our community. I plan on accomplishing this by utilizing my ability to provide unique perspectives and insight. In collaboration with the team, I hope to expand the horizon of opportunities available to the community through innovative approaches.  Our journey begins today. See. Listen. Learn. Adapt. Execute. Repeat.”

Leo Tsukiyo“When I initially discovered Paladins, I was a mere casual streamer who couldn’t avoid ranked. A competitive edge driven through analytical curiosity possessed me, and as I ventured down the ranked road, I encountered pros and other staples to the Paladins Console scene. Most dismissed me, but others helped foster my curiosity to comprehend this game at its deepest levels. Along the way, I was lucky enough to have met both Garcia & Blu – both of whom have a matching (if not exceeding) passion for this game. That mutual love allowed me to cheer Blu on as he cultivated Console Corner, and many chats regarding meta & life gave me insight into my peers. In a way it was like I was a part of Console Corner from the start, feeling pride at every success the brand gained. Now, to my fortune, I was extended the invitation to join the ranks and intend to deliver in whatever capacity is needed.”

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