NBA 2k League Power Rankings Week 6

Week 6

Welcome to Console Corners’ NBA2k League Power Rankings. Week 6 of the 2020 Season was the final week of remote play and it was just as exciting as the others with tons of back and forth games that certainly shook things up. The Raptors put on a show once again, JBM and the Wizards back up the trash talk and the Warriors fall. You can check out all of the action Live Tuesday-Friday 7 PM EDT on Youtube, Twitch, and the ESPN Watch App.

1. Raptors Uprising GC

This team continues to put on outstanding performances night in and night out. Kenny put up 45 on Blazer5 Gaming as they took down of the giants within the League. Then against the Celtics they set a new record putting up 109 points in Game 1 but the most impressive part of it was the fact that Kenny had a Triple-Double at PG, Sick also had a Triple-Double at Center all while Timely posted 39 points. This team only gets better as the season continues and even when they are tested they seem to find a way to make it all turn in their favor. Cannot wait to see them in the Tip-Off Tournament. 

2. Wizards District Gaming

The wizards went up against the Mavs and beat them 2-0 in a fashionable manner. Even better was the JBM tweet afterwards, “GGs to the MAVS and I just want to give a special thanks to you guys for keeping an average SG and giving the Wizards the best Center on this game. Locked for the tip-off.” Now that was a statement! He’s referring to the the fact that the Mavs retained Dimez and let Dayfri go where he ended up in D.C. The Wizards started the Season with a Loss and since have taken flight towards the top of the Standings and Power Rankings with the help from one of the best Centers in the League and the leader for Rookie of the Year currently. 

3. Warriors Gaming Squad

The mighty have fallen! With the Warriors taking a Loss to the Jazz leaves the Raptors as the only undefeated through Remote Play. Warriors still played well but the Jazz were able to find a way to stop the dominance, even though CB13 still balled out. Gradient found it tough to get stops most of the night and the Jazz held Slaughter and Bsmoove in check most of the night. 

4. Hornets Venom GT

Hornets would have gone up maybe if their match vs Jazz played out but it was postponed like many other matches this Season already. If all of these postponed games will be played is still up to debate but none the less they did play extremely well against the Celtics and keep their spot in the Top 4 of the Rankings. The true test for this Team will be the Tip-Off Tournament where if you lose, you’re out and the Hornets have shown they are tough enough to hang with the big boys but can they do it with the pressure of elimination? 

5. Kings Guard Gaming

We have now seen even more proof that the Kings are better than people expected early on. They did lose one of the two matches they had in Week 6 but it still was a contested series where they set the pace most of the time. Besides if you were to lose this week I’m pretty sure you’d rather lose to the Magic who haven’t shown any promise as of now then the Nets who are in search of contention. Everyone on the team is stepping up when needed and on a consistent basis as well. Shotz tests the Triple-Double box line every game it seems, Crush is always wreaking havoc on defense, Bash does top PG stuff and Seemo is putting up solid 20+ point games from SG. 

6. Mavs Gaming

So how did the Mavs lose 0-2 to the Wizards and move up 4 spots? Well, they did play well enough to do so against the Pistons and even with the loss to Wizards they are still a Top 8 Team going into the Tip-Off Tourney. Although only time will tell if they can fix the kinks in the system I have a feeling they won’t be getting first rounded by anyone unless they draw the Raptors or Wizards first. 

7. Jazz Gaming

The Jazz are actually disgusting, and they continue to show they got the skills to contend when they beat teams like the Warriors. Ria has taken the role of leader on the court to a new level. This team was held to 7 points in an entire half just 2 weeks ago and since then have taken flight behind Ria’s performances. If he can keep this up there is no telling how far they can get behind that man. 

8. T-Wolves Gaming

I am giving the T-Wolves the benefit of the doubt here even though I probably shouldn’t seeing how the Season has gone for Teams when I have done that already. They came off a bye week in Week 5 to getting beat pretty bad both match ups this week by the Grizz and Pacers. Those are teams you would expect to lose against the Wolves as well which made it worse in my eyes. The Grizz weren’t playing well until late and this was icing on the cake for them. T-Wolves gotta find a way for them to score when Bear is getting locked up. We have seen what he can do when the opponents lock doesn’t play on him but what happens when they do is where the T-Wolves start to struggle. 

9. Nets GC

Beating the Hawks was all they needed to do to move up, losing to the Kings is okay by my standards because that is a better team and if they beat them it only helps so losing doesn’t hurt. Of course it hurts their record but again Choc and the Nets are playing tremendously for the way they had to come into the Season. This team isn’t a joke either so no one should take them lightly. Look out for the Nets in the Tip-Off as they could do something dangerous and go on a run. 

10. Blazer5 Gaming

Another tough week for the Blazer5 Gaming Team as they take losses to both the Raptors and Tigers. Now taking a loss to the Raptors isn’t that big of a deal considering they are clearly the best team in the League currently but winning that would have been a huge boost of confidence especially since the day before you lost to Gen.G where Shiftykaii went insane again. It’s surprising to see a team lose when Mama goes for 41 points and Walnut grabs the Double-Double but it happens when Hood, Majestic, and Lavish essentially are non existent in the second half. The 1st and 3rd Quarters this year are extremely important and they couldn’t seem to find any success in any of them when Walnut and Mama were hurting the entire team was. No one stepped up and that is when the team started to struggle more and more. This year the game really relies on all 5 guys to play their part more than it has in the past and the Teams finding success are truly showing that. Blazer5 are a regular season team and always struggle in tournaments so who knows maybe this year the script was flipped. For their sake they are hopeful it has. 

11. Knicks Gaming

Knicks had another strong showing although it was against the Magic. Nonetheless they put on a good show and proved they continue to improve with such a young team built around what was at the time considered the best PG in the draft although JBM is making a case for being the #1 overall pick for a reason. Duck is having solid games though and #2 in the Rookie Race. Duck has to continue to play well for the team and act like he has been there before in order for the Knicks to continue on this upward trend. 

12. Pacers Gaming

No words really for how the Pacers are playing. They continue to ignore the meta and play their style of 2k20 and it seems to be working well enough. When it doesn’t work then they struggle to do anything successful but most of the time that is not the case and when it works they are a pretty dangerous and interesting team to watch. Overall though we have not seen enough of the team it seems but maybe that is because their games have been so spread out over the Remote Play portion. Whatever happens they can continue to play their game and if it works they can find unusual success. 

13. Gen.G Tigers

Tigers beat the Blazer5 Gaming team and it was one of their best performances. Even when Blazer5 started to push back the Tigers never caved in and continued to show composure. Gen stepped up big again and when he does like I have seen in the past the team finds success because of it. Of course another week goes by where ShiftyKaii goes bananas and still doesn’t get the credit he deserves as yet again he isn’t even considered for Player of the Week, even after beating Blazer5 and going toe to toe with Mama at PG. 

14. Grizz Gaming

The Grizz are on fire at the perfect moment, right before the Tip-Off. Hopefully they carry this boost of confidence and momentum with them into the Tournament. Vandi is finally starting to look like a scoring PG in the League and the rest of the team is rallying behind him and gaining some confidence. The Grizz looked terrible early on but have now started to find their stride. 

15. Hawks Talon GC

The Hawks have had postponed matches and since haven’t played in what seems like a decade. The rust showed as well as they never looked comfortable in their match against the Nets. All the other teams besides the 76ers and Hawks have found some success at some point late into Remote Play and have been playing but with them sitting for so long they have seemed to lost their momentum. This is a terrible time to lose it too as we have said many times heading into the Tip-Off. Hawks fall pretty low for many factors, long time with no play from them, didn’t look comfortable or good vs Nets, and other teams are starting to move above them in the rankings. Hawks looking pretty mediocre right about now. 

16. Bucks Gaming

Bucks did it again. They go 0-2, then the next week they finish 2-0. They have done this the entire Remote Play. One week they embarrass the League on ESPN then the next they look like a contender. It’s like hot and cold with them so it’s really hard to guage where they really stand. For their sake however, coming into the Tip-Off as the “Contending Bucks” would be best, but hey we might get the “Don’t Show the Bucks” as well. Seems like a magic 8-ball is determining their fate at this point. 

17. Magic Gaming

Magic looked like the typical terrible team they have been to start the week off losing to the Knicks, but then something in the air must have changed their ways. They beat the Kings! A really good team too. Maybe the Kings had an off night, maybe the Magic had a really good night or maybe the MAgic just found better shots and had better match ups. It was actually a combination of all of these as kind of like a perfect storm. Doesn’t matter this helps the Magic move up in the Rankings but I don’t expect them to stay this high for too long as Reizey and the gang might have a tough time in the Tournament. Although it’s not remote play so who knows. 

18. Heat Check Gaming

Heat didn’t play and move up due to some teams dropping below them. 

19. Cavs Legion GC

Cavs didn’t play in Week 6 so maybe they will have even more time to work out some kinks. My cousin also saw one of the Players at Chipotle 2 days ago but didn’t follow me on twitter. Maybe he doesn’t like how critical I have been of the Team lately, but hey living in Cleveland does that to a sports fan. 

20. Lakers Gaming

Lakers didn’t play and I was kind of excited to see if Sav and the boys could find another win. Guess I have to wait patiently. 

21. Celtics Crossover Gaming

The “Veterans” figuring things out time has passed, the Celtics join an exclusive club with the 76ers as the only teams without any wins still. I will cut them a break on the critical analysis since they haven’t figured things out and had to match up with the Raptors and Hornets. Now the Celtics are usually a good team in elimination style play so maybe that will help them but I ultimately don’t think it will. 

22. 76ers GC

This team seems like it hasn’t played in 10 years at this point. This means they still haven’t found a win, but at least they aren’t last anymore, right? 

23. Pistons GT

Continuing their downward trend the Pistons finally dethrone the 76ers as the worst Team in the League. Ramo gets Triple-Doubles and the team still cannot hold a lead or make plays late into the 4th. Demon moved back to PG for some odd reason when they only found success with him at SF. Tons of problems with this team and they might not figure it out in time, I mean I don’t think they will. Also, Demon word of advice if you are reading this, stop tweeting. Doing so only fuels the haters who talk trash, just prove it on the court. Turn your phone off for a month if that is what it takes or delete twitter. 

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