MMGL R6 Preseason Power Rankings

Hello! Welcome to all of you reading the first iteration of the MMGL Xbox Power Rankings. As this is something new to many of you (and me) first let’s talk about MMGL. For those of you who may not know, MMGL is the MishMash Gaming League run by, as the name could suggest, MishMash Gaming. It’s an amazing siege league for Xbox players. For many of you who are aware of this, then you probably know who I am too, for those of you who don’t, people call me Trreg. I love siege, hockey, and organizing things into lists, and this is probably the only place on the internet where you can find all 3 mixed into one package. 


So this week we are gonna do something extra special. We are going to do some power rankings, as well as a little excerpt about all the teams, and a comparison to an actual team in their divisions’ real-life namesake, which were modelled after the 1992-93 NHL season, because old school hockey is fun, and I was tired of talking about division 3, so division 3 is now replaced with the Norris Division.

Since games begin today April 6th and none have been played thus far, I’m going to be rating teams divisionally this week. In the coming weeks, I will switch it up to a league-wide format.

Patrick Division


#1 MMG Storm

Projected Record: 9-1

NHL Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

MMG Storm takes the top spot in the preseason power rankings for the Patrick Division. They’re the defending MMGL Xbox Champions (under the Reanimated Gaming banner) and are bringing back…wait a mostly different lineup? Seeing most of their roster swap to PC we are left with only two of the old regime, Player/coach Mercc and reigning league MVP Nomad. I’m interested to see how Nomad performs without his partner in crime Ice by his side, as the two of them spearheaded their undefeated charge through MMGL. They performed well in qualifiers though, so no reason to drop them down until I see otherwise. The team comp was too easy. Storm comes into this season the reigning champions, as did the Penguins. Nomad is returning as MVP, taking the role of…then reigning NHL MVP Mario Lemieux. With Mercc taking the role as Jagr the sidekick and Damage representing the acquisition of Ron Francis from my beloved Whalers, there really is no other choice here.


#2 Demonic Templars

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: Washington Capitols

Demonic Templars played well in qualifiers handily securing themselves a spot including a decisive win over MMG United which gave them the #2 spot. Demonic Templars boast a lineup of feared fraggers with a hungry mentality. Boasting rush strats galore, they’re going to be coming in hot to MMGL this season and try to establish themselves as competitors, taking on fights like Dale Hunter. Inasniity is the early favourite to lead the league in penalty minutes.


#3 MMG United

Projected Record: 5-5

NHL Team: New York Islanders

MMG United is dealing with the unenviable task of replacing yours truly. And dealing with trying to battle juggernauts MMG Storm and Demonic Templars. But especially losing me. But the team made the playoffs last season and will be looking to fight their way in again this season. As long as Stroz comes up with a way to control Bveezy and the other hodgepodge of talent scooped up from other assorted teams, primarily ORCA Esports (#harpooned), they can make some noise in MMGL this season. The loss of Trreg can be equated to the retirement of legends Mike Bossey and Billy Smith. All that’s left is…Pierre Turgeon (Stroz?) That’s not too bad. Oh and Bveezy is 100%, Uwe Krupp. Interesting name and usually hurting more than he helps.


#4 Bearded Dragons

Projected Record: 5-5

NHL Team: New Jersey Devils

Bearded Dragons are coming off a win in Alliance League, which included a win over MMG United, but I’m going to give the slight edge to United due to them being a returning playoff team and Bearded Dragons being new to the scene. With Flokka at the head though, they should definitely be competitive. The Devils finished with the same record as the Islanders that year and I can see the Dragons finishing with the same record as United. Good team, highly relevant, but just outside the playoffs in a tough division. But hey the real drama is to see who here gets to play the part of Peter Stastny.


#5 Fallen Kingz Gaming

Projected Record: 2-8

NHL Team: Philadelphia Flyers

Fallen Kingz enters the fray with the former Pure Tactics Esports. For those of you that remember, Pure Tactics Esports (not to be confused with PUR3 not to be confused with Pure Loyalty) played well last season against tough competition and finished just outside the playoffs. Though I know we will see an improved team under the new name, and they are by no means a bad team, they have (once again) a tough division to play in and it’ll be interesting to watch them fight it out. I expect a lot of very close heartbreaking losses. No team embodies the Fallen Kingz’s battling mentality more than the Broad Street Bullies, who always stayed competitive and went out swinging.


#6 Nomad Gaming

Projected Record: 2-8

NHL Team: New York Rangers

Nomad Gaming played well last season and were the only team to beat Darkside Gaming before the finals. They, unfortunately, couldn’t replicate that success against the other divisional opponents, but I know that they have an upset in them, as well as some other competitive games for sure. But with Gojira leading like an elder Mark Messier, anything can happen. And Treebear takes the spot of up-and-coming Alexei Kovalev. Don’t take Nomad Gaming too lightly.

Adams Division


#1 MMG Void

Projected Record: 9-1

NHL Team: Boston Bruins

Coming off a good semi-finals run in season one, Void with a few minor roster changes are going to be looking to grow upon last season’s success. After a strong undefeated season last year, Void comes in as the early favourite to take the Adams division much as Boston did every year. If you’re looking for a player comp…well someone has to be Ray Bourque. I give that to Schar. As good as Enigmas is Schar as the smoke and Montagne main is usually the teams’ rock in-game, and few are better at it. I grant last season’s honorary Norris Trophy to Schar.


#2 Element 111

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: Quebec Nordiques

Element 111 comes to this season looking like a competitor. They played well in qualifiers but as a newer team to MMGL, it is yet to be seen how they are gonna be able to perform. The Adams division is looking like a tough division as well…wait is that going to be the case for all of them? Yeah probably. Turns out every division is gonna be tough. Well, the 92-93 Nordiques are soon to be giants under the name of the Colorado avalanche…Element 111 is looking for an org…well then…these analogies keep falling into line beautifully. 


#3 Slinky Esports

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: Montreal Canadians

Slinky comes in as the reigning MMGL PS4 champions. I smell another strong analogy! Abet takes a team of all-stars compiled for this season to Xbox to try to take on Xbox’s best. Not trying to start a console war but call me sceptical. We will see once bullets start flying how well they hold up. Should be interesting, to say the least. A team loaded with former champions battling for relevance…yeah that has been Montreal for a while now.


#4 Sanctus Regibus

Projected Record: 4-6

NHL Team: Buffalo Sabres

The former Yeeter Skeeters roster now known as Sanctus Regibus comes into the league riding a solid qualifying performance but is yet to prove themselves against the toughest competition (having dropped a game to MMG Void) so it will be interesting to see how they fare. I already can see some rivalries starting to form between divisional opponents though and that is nice. Shoutout to the 92-93 Sabres for having the excellent goaltending of highly skilled goaltender Dominek Hasek and the tragically named Darren Puppa. 


#5 Oathsworn Gaming

Projected Record: 3-7

NHL Team: Hartford Whalers

Although they’re personal favourites of mine I must be realistic and place Oathsworn Gaming down towards the bottom of the division, conveniently falling into the place of my personal favourite team, the Hartford Whalers. Oathsworn made a name for themselves in qualifiers as the MMG Killers beating both United and Unknown, then were promptly thrashed in all of their rematches. So I’m not sure where to stand on this roster, especially as Jarl Ragnar steps down from his spot on the team. Interesting to see where this goes. This upstart Oathsworn club will be feisty to say the lease and I expect some good performances, and Brass Bonanza to play after every round win.


#6 Tier1 Esports

Projected Record: 0-10

NHL Team: Ottawa Senators

Tier1 Esports didn’t have a bad showing in qualifiers by any means, being respectful though not remarkable, but being placed in such a tricky division I can’t see a road by which Tier1 manages to climb high in the standings. Shoutout to Skoobs the captain of Tier1, as I love anything that has to do with Scooby-Doo. You’re the Alexei Yashin of this team. I expect big things. Scooby Snacks for you if you play well. 

Norris Division


#1 Outfits Esports

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: Chicago Blackhawks

The Norris Division is tough featuring only 2 returning teams, and 4 teams that all look remarkably comparable. With none of these teams have played each other there’s no real way to know, so I’m predicting a 4-way tie atop the division. Is that this extremely unlikely? Yes. Will one of these teams separate themselves? Yes. Is this a cowardly way to predict the season and get out of making a tough decision? Yes. Yes, it is. Am I going to do it anyway? You know it. But someone had to be first, and Outfits’ logo is black and red much like the division champ Chicago Blackhawks so they get the top spot. 


#2 Zero Gravity

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: Detroit Red Wings

ZeroGravity returns after a playoff appearance last season sporting the maroon and white, that close enough to red, so despite a loss in qualifiers we will give them the second spot due to my faith in Groot and Sprouf to bail Ase out and drag this team to the playoffs again. Groot as Lidstrom and Sprouf as Coffey are the perfect comparisons, but Ase as Yzerman doesn’t work for me. Not nearly a good enough leader for that. But all in all should be a good season for ZeroGravity.


#3 Third Eye Titans

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

The Titans are a strong team has performed very well in a variety of other leagues, but this will be their first foray into the harsh competition at MMGL. I expect to see some really strong performances out of this team, but I don’t expect to see the absolute domination they have displayed in other leagues. Liken them to pre-expansion Toronto. Let us increase the field and see how well they hold up. They’ll be good, but can they be great?


#4 Slammed Esports

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: St. Louis Blues

Slammed Esports rounds up our 4 car pileup atop the division. If you’re looking for a reason as to why they happen to be the team in 4th, there isn’t a good one. But I can just as easily see Slammed taking the top spot and Outfits on the bottom. I anticipate the Norris division being very close.


#5 MMG Red

Projected Record: 2-8

NHL Team: Minnesota North Stars

MMG Red. This should be fun. The former FusioN roster now under the MMG banner only won a single game last season, against the Nexus, with whom they split the season series. Since then they have seen dramatic improvement having outdueled many teams all the way to the Alliance League Finals where they fell to Bearded Dragons. Let us see if Nard can summon his inner Mike Modano and take his team on a miracle run here with Anarchy and Wyzdom in tow. 


#6 Prometheus

Projected Record: 0-10

NHL Team: Tampa Bay Lightning

Another new team to MMGL, another expansion NHL team. Prometheus come into this season off an ok qualifier run but have a lot yet to prove. Unfortunately, competition here will be fierce, and they will have to make their name against some excellent teams in their division. But if they can score an upset win in week 1, momentum can be a very powerful friend. 

Smythe Division


#1 Finalshot Esports

Projected Record: 9-1

NHL Team: Vancouver Canucks

Finalshot comes into this season looking strong. They are coming off a handful of strong performances in other leagues and are widely regarded as an elite team in Xbox competitive, and will be looking to mirror the success of their Northwestern brethren (Finalshot is based out of British Columbia), who would be in the Stanley Cup Finals in the near distant future. Spearheading this charge? Strong play from all around star Kanadiskur looking like Cliff Ronning and Berry holding down a support role, repelling attackers like slap shots off the pads of Kirk McClean. Finalshot is in a good position to have a very good season.


#2 Farside Gaming

Projected Record: 8-2

NHL Team: Los Angeles Kings

Another long respected team, Farside Gaming is also bringing their talents to MMGL and added to an already dynamic roster Roham and Bacon, two stellar players who will boost a prolific roster. They played well in qualifiers and will look to build on that this season. The week 2 match between Farside and Finalshot is going to be HUGE and set the stage for who holds all the power in the division moving forward. Is Monkeeey equivalent to Wayne Gretzky? Nobody is, but he sure is an amazing player in his own right.


#3 ZeroGravity Flare

Projected Record: 7-3

NHL Team: Calgary Flames

The second team under the ZG org may very well be even better, but being placed in different divisions there is no way for us to know (unless they meet in the playoffs of course). Though it is yet to be seen if they can compete with the big dogs atop their division, pushing MMG Storm to the edge in the qualifiers sure gets them bumped up above the rest of the division. Will Zg Flare get out to a hot start or will they flame out? So many easy fire analogies so might as well compare them to the Calgary Flames too. 


#4 Rampant Methods

Projected Record: 3-7

NHL Team: Winnipeg Jets

Rampant Methods returns for season 2 with a similar lineup, going to be looking to build upon a solid season. It’s tough to tell where they stand at this point, but we will see. The team though played well last season (except for games on Villa) so maybe they can make some noise. Of all the teams I picked to finish with a losing record, Rampant Methods are definitely one of the most likely to make me look dumb. If nothing else Moh will do his best Tie Domi impression and cause a ruckus. 


#5 Tidal Onyx

Projected Record: 2-8

NHL Team: Edmonton Oilers

Tidal Onyx, much like the post dynastic Oilers, are a total mystery to me. They played stellarly during qualifiers, but against middling opposition, and are coming into this season with…well a completely different roster. I’m not entirely sure how this will go, so I guess we are all in the dark on this one. We won’t be for long though. The games will tell the tale of how strong these teams really are.


#6 Nameless Esports

Projected Record: 1-9

NHL Team: San Jose Sharks

Gone are the days of the Smythe Division turtle derby. The bottom three teams in this division, though unlikely to finish with a dominating record, will by no means be bottom-feeders. I can see each and every MMGL team playing well and hope to see that continue. Nameless comes in on the edge of qualifying but I can see them picking up a game or two and establishing themselves as a team that belongs in the league. 

Week one starts Monday, April 6th. You can reach Trreg on Twitter or on the Official MMG Discord.

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  1. Hi, I work for outfits gaming and I just want to say that I think we will go 10-0 instead of 7-3 Trreg ain’t with it

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