Many Faces of Motivation

With an announcement regarding the PCL around the bend, and qualifiers themselves lying in wait shortly after – I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to gauge what drives Paladins Console hopefuls in their quest to compete. With the ultimate goal being LAN attendance & victory, I took to Twitter to hear a variety of insights from competitive veterans and rookies alike. Through the classic clash of skill, we have OG’s seeking out a LAN stage, Rookies aiming to prove their mettle, Players smitten with the community, and those whose genuine love for the game propels them to push forward.

PS4 Veteran NBKDSyR explains how the opportunity to grace the LAN stage is a big motivation, and while money isn’t the primary concern, it certainly is a nice little perk. Of course, he ties it all together by dropping some wisdom.

Xbox NA native, viProphxt puts his haters and all who doubted him on notice, declaring how the PCL is his shot at making them eat their words.

Meanwhile KnowConcerns, another Xbox NA resident echoes NBK, adding a shoutout to the friends he has made as a source to continue onward.

While the destination is the same, every route to arrive there is laced with different twists and turns. The journey may be difficult, but the lessons learned & memories created are well worth it. We at Console Corner wish all teams the best of luck moving forward and hope to see you all make waves in 2019.

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