2019 PCL Phase 1 Player Rankings

21Kuhlmatt41Mister Pickles61Izy Mitchell81Most Salty NaCl101Dehmuffinman121Tempxrr
22WhereDaGuap42Tariik62xNyjuw82Teh Raiin102V8122Tully
23Smutny43Hatsuchibi63Alex Kidd83KingNick103Delain123Gonchi
24Ritchy44Ralkion64vClax84Undulantgaming104Dishonxr124Fly So Fatal
25Firery Impact45Byc Cicho65KevFalcon85Island Shots105Guiba125Tatsumi Yoshiie
26TKOxGhost46Thanaticz66Awp86Dagron Killet106Abner126Cod Ryzer
27Tacobell Waifu47Alelol67Reegan87StruckUsxr107Coma Foxtrot127Foreva Alice
28.Theothershutter48Tobxon68iNikonoob88Valariian108Lion H7  
29SrBenji49Sorrow69Bizness89Ian Hardt109UTG Star  
30Yiuii50Atomic Amk70Fluxy90Destronite110Trysti Luvs BR  
31Its Whitey51Lilbigwhyteboi71Countxr91Gepetto111Ochatakebese  
32Wildcard52OG Comedy72ParadoxieGod92My Dark C4112B Lam  
33Dreams eRa53Scarcety73Ludex93Mystoooo113Darku  
35Urnxss55Its Beanie75PearDoggo95Burtsbeezneez115TSM File  
36CleverPup56Stiles76Know Concerns96ValidGoldFish116Leo Tsukiyo  
38Gpan Velocity58xGlxy78Shiique98Ranked118Yumeda  
39Aurafix59Emerphish79Milkacat99Its Axium119Killua  

TOP 20

#20 Im Calamity – Heating Up

I’m not going to lie, it was very, extremely, excruciatingly hard to put Im Calamity in the Top 20. It was hard to put anyone in this spot to be totally honest, especially Kuhlmatt who is next at #21 only because he had a tough time against Elevate like everyone else but also because he hopped on over to Bustdown but couldn’t pull the Goodlad “Hard Carry” out Not to mention he had Aurafix and Gpan stealing a ton of his frags. Anyways, for Im Calamity, he has had a great season to his own credit. He has really good aim and that is a large reason he has found himself on a team of others like SJP, Soildierbot, Woosh and JeffTheRaccoon, all previous LAN attendees. That isn’t by far the only reason though, as Calamity, until Week 12 was the only undefeated PS4 NA Player Match wise as he played for Onslaught in Week 1 when they beat Heating Up. Now in Week 12 Onslaught did beat Heating Up again, this time with Calamity being on the losing end, but mostly due to Jeff having to be subbed out for Destro once network issues became a thing. So that wasn’t entirely his fault as compared to if they lost the set with Jeff in Games three through five. Calamity has only lost on Atlas twice, Ash three times, and never on Ruckus. He also has the lowest Deaths when playing in the Off Lane with no DPS alongside him. Last year on Cryptik we watched a young player get recognized, and this season he is excelling in every aspect needed of him for Heating Up and will be walking into his first LAN. Congrats kid.

#19 SirJamesParker – Heating Up

After Skeppii was released following the Week 1 loss, and before his unfortunate suspension SJP is was poised to make a run for yet another title, which technically could still be the case pending nothing goes wrong after MSI. The guy just wasn’t cutting it as a Frontline only player during Week 1 and Qualifiers, so they released Skeppii and picked up Dovokiin aka Im Calamity and this allowed SJP to slide back into the DPS Flex position. Where he could play DPS until they needed him for Tripole Tank or a Grohk/Pip pick. He wouldn’t even need to play Ruckus as Calamity is always down too. So the question is why is he on this list within the Top 20 with only playing 16 total games, less than half of Heating Up’s total 39? The guy fragged! Literally, Heating Up looked 1000 times better week to week and he was among the top leaders in almost every stat. All that came to a close once he got smacked with a suspension and kept him from continuing the dominant performance. Hopefully, he has taken this time to reflect and knows what he needs to do and not to do to keep himself out of trouble during Phase 2. Just imagine if he came back and actually grinded, potentially giving himself the chance to 3-peat. That’s never been done, at any level of Paladins.

#18 Hxrvi – F/A

Hxrvi left the Cyclone Roster shortly after the announcement of MSI being Crossplay only, and it was a big blow to the team but since have seemed to revive their chances. However, losing Hxrvi still was a blow nonetheless as he was among the Top 10 in all Support heavy categories like Healing, Assists, and Objective. He played a ton of Champions that allowed Cyclone to be classified as the “weird comp” team like Ying and Furia before she was “cool” with the Cherish update. At the time this was when Welsh was having a tough go on the Off Tank role along with Smutny trying to hit his Frontline stride on Console where he was mostly known for playing Support himself, and a lot of the pressure fell on Hxrvi. He made Dreamhack, his first LAN with Flashpoint playing the Flex Role and was let go shortly after the event due to him wanting to play Support and not being happy with his current position within the lineup. It was crazy to think he could play better than he did in the 2018 PCL but it seems he was, until he left of course. I still think he might give Console Paladins another run but it isn’t looking good, either way, Cyclone could use him, especially if the whole Westside thing doesn’t work out. Bottom line, he still played lights out when he did play and that netted him the #18 spot on the list, crazy I know, oh well.

#17 Shoo – Elevate

Now while Shoo may be called the best Support in the game, it’s hard to place him higher on the list. Mostly because in his own words, this season is “boring”. He hasn’t gotten to do anything haha. Seriously though, Elevate has played 27 games and showed up to play 3 weeks for no reason to no fault of their own. When Ludex had to sub in Shoo got to play Barik the entire set, and the last set of the Phase when nothing mattered for them with MSI already secured he played Inara. He did well on both, but the best aspect of Shoo’s game is that unlike other support players minus maybe Stormavatar he has the best 1v1 kill to death ratio. When flanks or DPS Players, in general, try taking Shoo on alone he asserts his dominance and proves that is his backline no one else’s. I’ll be honest with the laskluster division Shoo and the rest of Elevate are in it’s tough to rank them higher on the list, because there simply isn’t enough of a sample size to go on minus the tremendous play when they do actually get to frag on PCL day. If this were an “All-Time” Rankings he would, of course, be higher, much higher, but this is in regards to 2019 PCL Phase 1, and putting him above those facing players better than Retaliation and E-Storm, would, in my opinion, be goofy for a lack of better words.

#16 Not Wrld – Flashpoint

Obviously, this is indeed Wrld despite the name he uses on PS4 during League play. Now Wrld has always been an entertaining Player to watch until this season started. Beginning of the 2019 PCL he had joined Flashpoint and was playing the Flex Role, most notably on the Off Tank Role, and was dying, a ton. The two moments it really sunk in for me that he was just uncomfortable and having a tough time transitioning over was during Flashpoint’s first matchup against Arial Arise and the infamous Splitstone Game vs Stush Gaming. They ended up winning the set against Arial Arise 3-0 but mostly due to some great Lgcy play towards the end of the Serpent Beach(Like the Lgcy Makoa mid-air hook on a SrBenji Pip at 3-3 where he hit the Leviathon Ancient Rage to prevent getting chickened by Pip to win in a 99%-99% over time). and lost the Splitstone games against Stush but won the set 3-1. The Splitstone Quarry game especially was rough for Wrld as he was continuously coming from spawn as Ruckus it seemed for about 2 rounds (FP won 4-3) and just wasn’t able to establish himself. After Skeppii joining Flashpoint was confirmed to be a real thing they had a 7 man Roster to sort out and rumours were spreading that Wrld was going to either get dropped or leave before they had the chance too. Well he didn’t end up leaving or getting dropped as Goodlad took leave and Wrld got slotted into the Main Tank Role, which was the saving grace for him. Back during Valencia, he was the Main Tank, so this felt more comfortable and easier to swap to it seemed for him, and it was. Afterwards Flashpoint looked better overall, they were winning games even faster and Wrld was dying less, a lot less, all while getting clutch plays and putting out game-changing ultimates. I even told him privately one day, “Hey man, you look better than 2 weeks ago.” He agreed but of course told me there is still more to improve, and I don’t disagree but his play and numbers look entirely different than his Off Tank ones did, and a totally different Wrld, a better Wrld.

#15 Stormavatar – Flashpoint

He has the perfect name because just like Storms, he is quiet, but by the time you notice he’s there, it’s too late as he hits you super hard. Stormavatar is just a DPS main in a Support Player’s body. Which makes sense considering he was once a Damage Player back during Valencia. Storm has a ton on his plate with the teammates he has. All of them are these super aggressive Players with a Fragging mentality yet he never seems to let any of them die often if at all. Among the Top 10 in Assists are three Flashpoint members, Now 7 of those 10 are supports. The only two not are Prosperlogic at #10 Lgcy at #5. Topping that list at #1 and by a huge chunk is Stormavatar, meaning he’s either putting in tons of heals constantly or getting some big damage in himself, either one I’m sure he would be satisfied with. Storm has been to all of the Console LANs and is on track for another Championship all while not dying, putting out damage and preventing his team from not dying. Plus with the opponents he has like Ehrenmanner, Arial Arise, and Stush trying to hit his backline constantly but never allowing them success, he earns himself a solid spot at #15 on this list.

#14 Ex6dia – Elevate

Well you know for sure Ex6dia didn’t make this list at #14 for his Tyra gameplay, because that I agree would be insane. All jokes aside Ex6dia is having himself his best period of Console Paladins of his career. Granted he is on arguably the best team in the entire League, he’s still doing some big things. On the past teams he’s been apart of he has had to play blasters and frontlines. Now he did do well on those but in my opinion, his true calling is his Flanks and Hitscan Damage Champions and that’s what Elevate is utilizing from him. He has the second most Kills per minute as Talus despite having the fewest amount of games played among other Talus Players. He also is alongside his teammates with the best KDA’s in the league. Now while some may find it hard to keep up with Emitpain in the Kills department Ex6dia leads Elevate in Kills per game with 8.8, which is good considering Elevate combined has less than 30 per game when happen to 4-0.

#13 Kingz – Cyclone

Kingz is a phenomenal player, problem is that he isn’t able to attend MSI. This sucks, bottom line, there’s no other way to put it. He was in the same position as Slop earlier in his career. A great DPS Player with both Hitscan and Blasters in his pool but never given a real chance on a top contender. Slop got his chance with Vexed during Summer of 2018 and has basically run away with it making Dreamhack with the Vexed gang and now pulling up to MSI with Cyclone and as their best player. Kingz however, won’t be making MSI after finally getting that chance and succeeding. He’s had a great season too and was among the Top 5 for Regular Season MVP. Since he had to swap to Support most of the limelight has started to fade from him in the MVP race as Jeff is currently holding the Super Support Role but still, Kingz isn’t slacking. He has 20 fewer games on support than the those leading in Healing and actually has a higher Heals per 10 minutes than the Top 4 Supports in the League. Hopefully, he rejoins the squad after MSI and makes a run for HRX in November, as it would be nice to finally see him at a LAN after years of grinding.

#12 Welshmania – Cyclone

Welsh has had an interesting season, to say the least. At the start, he was listed as the Flex and was playing the Off Tank Role. It started kind of rough and without sugar coating anything he looked weak at it, but with Slopodopolous and Kingz to surround him it was enough to get by. As time went on he to no one’s surprise started to improve and it was looking brighter for Cyclone and even scarier for his enemies. Then Hxrvi hit the ESC on the entire Console Paladins scene and it left the team without a Support. Winning wasn’t an issue as they continued to do that, but they needed support. They tried a ton of variations, BadgeTigre came in for a week, Kingz played it, Thanaticz played it, and now they have Westside to play it at LAN after Kingz announced he isn’t able to go. During all of this the Flex Role got jumbled a bit as they have Smutny and Thanaticz both frontline players primarily now, which left Welsh to go back to his roots. DPS called his name and he fell back into the Role beautifully and started to put up big numbers and make hot plays once more. Eventually, this opens up Slop to play more Blasters and relieve some of the Hitscan and Flank Champions in his pool as Welsh can play those extremely well. With Welsh back on DPS he is looking like himself again and earned himself #12 on the list for it.

#11 Trensiq – Elevate

Big T has come a long way since the days we ripped on him for the crazy amount of Rookie mistakes he would have back during his Fable days. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine he was a rough-edged Frontline Player tossing Inara ultimates through windows at already killed enemies. Trensiq has been having a typical Elevate season, running through enemies with no problem and seeing how fast they could 4-0 someone again. Makoa isn’t picked as often and with Wxnderful playing Tanks again it’s given trensiq sometime to perfect his Khan and Atlas, and it’s surely showing. Big T has the best overall KDA on Atlas this season and has the most last hits on Khan with Lgcy right behind him. Both of those stats are impressive given how many times Elevate has actually had to play their sets.

#10 xWooosh – Heating Up

Although he is under 300 Objective in front of Smutny, he still leads the League nonetheless. Also, before now he was always light years ahead in the statistic as well. The most impressive part of his stats is that Woosh is one of three Frontline Players who has passed the 2 million Damage mark this season. Some may say that isn’t as impressive so allow me to elaborate. Woosh has only played Main Tanks all season compared to others with 2 million+ damage who are all listed under the Flex Role and have played DPS Champions at some point. The only person who hasn’t played any would be AleLOL, however, he is still the Flex and along with the other Frontlines joining Woosh in this club is Ale’s teammate Teh Raiin and Alex Kidd from Arial Arise. Both AleLOL and Alex Kidd have played a whopping 40+ games compared to Woosh’s 39. Now that is close yes, but considering Woosh has better DPS Players in Ritchy and Soldierbot it’s still impressive he gets any amount of damage out while literally standing on point the entire time it seems. The biggest part of Woosh’s season has been having JeffTheRaccoon behind him as the Support, which was one of my biggest questions heading into this season. How well could Woosh do without Shoo? No disrespect to Woosh of course but logically every single time he is on a team he has been with Shoo, Valencia, HRX, Summer LAN, and Dreamhack. They even were teamed when they lost to Fable and didn’t make Spring Master’s together, which is why I was sceptical how well he could perform without someone he has grown with on a team chemistry level. Woosh is heading to LAN, among the best on the leaderboards, and all while making top plays each week, seems like he is doing great.

#9 JeffTheRaccoon – Heating Up

Jeff, aka Miracle, as most of you may know him as from recent Console Paladins Events, is having himself an outstanding season. No, he isn’t getting crazy healing numbers each game or posting up insane kill counts. He is, however, really really hard to kill for other teams. Big Money, for example, couldn’t kill him in their first 8 games against each other. Onslaught had some trouble completing this task at times as well, and ultimately couldn’t do it enough to finish ahead of Jeff and the Heating Up boys. All season you could see his skill on Mal’Damba, but there was some game-changing plays that were most likely gone unseen. They were beating Lowkey Scheming 3-0 and a few feet from finishing the game until 3 members died and Jeff and Woosh were all that remained, Woosh hid behind a wall on Jaguar Falls and Jeff used his ultimate while healing Woosh. This eventually forced the opponents off the objective and saved Woosh from extinction all while winning the game. Now you could say any Support player would have done the same, but just imagine plays like this and even better coming from your support continuously. To go even further, Jeff had to be subbed out due to network issues during one week in which Destronite had to fill in, needless to say, that set didn’t turn out the way Heating Up expected. They were winning and with the supporting cast Jeff has one would think winning is a small task even without Jeff, but that wasn’t the case, ultimately there is a reason Jeff is the first ever Support player to break into the Top 5 for MVP Candidates.

#8 TheLGCY – Flashpoint

Lgcy usually doesn’t get the credit he deserves on broadcasts of the PCL, and that’s sad because like most great Frontline Players their job requires to them to get beat up and make a ton of minor plays that go unnoticed. Take body blocking for instance, which Lgcy is #1 in throughout the entire League. That’s right, Console Corner actually keeps track of that stat, among dozens of others we never make anyone known of simply because people still doubt our capacity of becoming more within the Paladins scene. Anyways, Lgcy leads with 4,937 body blocks in situations where it potentially saves a teammate of his, that is 1,041 more than the player sitting behind him. All season long Lgcy has been making plays like this continuously. Lgcy is among the best on Atlas as well, as he time after time is making complex and clutch plays and using his Setbacks gracefully. We even got to see DPS Lgcy once this season which gave us Valencia Qualifier flashbacks. Ultimately they ended up losing that game to Stush Gaming, but still, it was nice to reminisce. The most impressive part of Lgcy’s Phase 1 play is the fact that he was main tanking at the start and now after the Skeppii addition and moving Wrld to the main tank he can be seen playing the Off Tank Role. That’s usually the job of the Flex, which is still Wrld meaning Lgcy still Solo Tanks when needed. With him on Off-Tank and Wrld on Main, Flashpoint has seen a significant increase in everyone’s play as well as the team’s.

#7 Soldierbot – Heating Up

Soldierbot has really good aim. That’s a given for most top Players honestly, but somehow he has great aim with the low sensitivity he uses, that in itself is impressive and all during Phase 1 that has been on display. Most of this season you can see Soldierbot on the Koga, and for good reason, as he continuously kept Heating Up in the race for the first place seed and he also kept himself among the top of the leaderboards. With the absence of SJP all the spotlights were on Soldierbot but we won’t be seeing him at MSI and that is sort of sad as Soldierbot hasn’t seen himself in the position to win a Major since Spring Masters 2018, over a year ago now. However, we at Console Pro News expect he will be returning for Phase 2 of the 2019 PCL Season and hope to see him continue to post himself among the best as this season so far has been a fantastic one.

#6 Wxnderful – Elevate

Wxnderful is among the best when Console Paladins is being discussed. He single handily has more Championship hardware than anyone else and for good reason. Between the end of Summer LAN in 2018 and the start of the 2019 PCL Wxnderful however, was in a slump. In 2018 it was a nail-biting chance he wasn’t going to make the trip to HRX with Team Cryptik trying to become the superior Dragons of the Division. Onslaught however made it, but again fell short. If this ranking is based on his 2019 PCL Phase 1 play why mention this? Well, because Wxnderful was playing the Flex role still, but more often being seen on the DPS Champions, and as great as he was and still is, it wasn’t quite working in that situation. Now, however, we see him primarily playing his frontline pool, and it is much better. He’s played frontline pretty much every game this season give or take one to two and he has been making play after play and once again establishing himself as that Top Tier Wxnderful we all came to love.

#5 Skeppii – Flashpoint

Yet again, another most would highly disagree with is Skeppii being at #5. Foreal, check this out though, Skeppii had a TERRIBLE Week 1 with Heating Up only playing 2 games. Gets dropped the next day from his Team and doesn’t play at all in Weeks 2, 3 and 4. Then joins Flashpoint, an already talented stacked team in arguably the most competitive Division and is playing on EU servers. After all of this, he still finished amongst the Top 10 in his Role’s respective categories including  Kills, KDA, and Damage. To put it in simplest terms, Skeppii showed out in fewer games than most others. I’m looking forward to the first North American Player attempting to bring home a Championship with a European Team.

#4 iGoodlad – Flashpoint

Many reading this are going to ask how in the world Goodlad is this high and above so many other potential Players worthy of the spot this Season. The simple answer is, he is the only current Player to still not have lost a single PCL Match. Remember, a “Match” is an entire Set, not to be confused with “Games” commonly referred to as Maps. Goodlad was having a pretty good season with Flashpoint early on, then he could be seen playing across the pond for Heating Up against Onslaught, where he and the NA Squad fell down 0-2 in the set. After what I just told you I’m guessing you can guess what happened next, the lad bearing the “Hard Carry” in-game title hit the god mode within himself and helped propel the Heating Up gang over Onslaught with the reverse sweep 3-2. Afterwards, Goodlad rejoined Flashpoint but ultimately took a leave of absence due to personal life things and we respect that. Nonetheless, he remains among the Top 5 Players in Phase 1 for the play he has had, plus for not playing after that and a League with 127 unique Players being in the Top 30 of the Leaderboards for Kills, Damage, and Objective time isn’t too bad.

#3 Slopodopolous – Cyclone

Slop has had himself a season thus far, placing himself among the best in Flex Role. Transitioning to a more DPS heavy Champion Pool has seemed to favor him within the Cyclone lineup allowing him to frag out and stay among the Top 5 in the leaderboards for Kills and KDA. Cyclone really only had a few times they looked vulnerable at all, mainly against Bustdown, but even then they never sweated and Slop was a large part of the team’s success in those sets. Slop played mainly hitscans like Talus, Viktor, and Vivian when given the chance, but if Kingz is stuck on Support or Thanaticz is in the lineup then we get to see those Slop blasters reign supreme. Ultimately Slop is looking poised to finally give Xbox EU a Championship title, and if anything the time is now with the Season he is currently having.

#2 Emitpain – Elevate

Pain is the best “overall” Player on Console Paladins and I clearly stated that already, however, with the lack of competition within the Xbox North American Division it’s tough to say he has had a better Season than Prosper at this moment. With the potential of better Players coming in through relegations we hope less matches will be as easy for Emitpain and Elevate, as well as the number of matches being forfeited with more dedication in mind. Emitpain in 2018 died one time in his first 5 games and it seems to be working out the same way this Season as he leads the League in KDA and fewest deaths per 10 games played. Emitpain is on track to becoming a PCL Champion once more, and hopefully, he doesn’t have to wake up on Game Days for no reason in Phase 2.

#1 Prosperlogic – Flashpoint

When the discussion of who the Best Console Paladins Player is coming up these days it’s usually around a handful of names. Among those Prosper ends to pop up quite a bit and for good reason, just watch him play! In my honest opinion, I believe Emitpain is the best “overall” Console Player and Prosper is the better “pure DPS” Player. Deciding who takes the #1 spot on this list between those two was extremely difficult for me, ultimately it came down to the opponents they were facing week in and week out. I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say Prosper vs Stush/Ehrenmanner/Arial Arise is a more competitive matchup then Emitpain vs E-Storm/Retaliation, therefore giving Prosper the slight edge in his overall performance in Phase 1 and ultimately giving him the #1 spot on this list. Besides that Prosper and company seem to have an average game length of 10 minutes, only have lost two games and still, he puts up monster numbers with the number of games he has played. Not to mention the amount of frag hungry teammates he has within Skeppii, Wrld, and Lgcy.